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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 6, 2012, 2:11 PM
  • Listening to: The First of the Year (Equinox) - Skrillex
  • Reading: An amazing fanfiction about Swoop becoming Prime
  • Watching: Beast Wars and G1 simultaneously
Aaaand yeah. I did just use a Dexter voice AND announce the title aloud while typing it.

So yeah, :iconstaractive: got tagged, and then they tagged everyone. Seriously they, they said "And we tag.. EVERYONE BECAUSE U SEXY AND U KNOW IT!!" which is completely true. :giggle: So yeah.

Rules: Answer the 10 questions. Make up 10 new questions yourself. And tag 10 people.

1.What's your opinion about Anime/Manga?
    I respect it as a form of self expression. It's all art, in the end. However, if we're talking about individual shows.... for the ones I actually watch: I LOVE THEM TO BITS EVEN THOUGH SOMETIMES THE PLOT CAN BE FLIMSY OR THE CHARACTERS CAN COMPLETELY MISS THE OBVIOUS! But isn't that true of most shows, anime or not?

2. What's your favorite show?
    Aaaaaaaaaaaand you had to go and ask that, didn't you? I'd say Transformers Prime. Mainly because I'm actually getting to watch it as it happens, I can't just watch all the seasons and go 'Well, that's done, next show!' However, Beast Machines.... oh god, Beast Machines.... I saw that when I was little and I STILL love it. And Reboot. And Transformers Animated (which shouldn't have been cut off). And The Barney Miller Show. And WKRP, Family Matters, Sherlock, The IT Crowd, Jeeves and Wooster, among a lot of other things...

3. ..And who is your favorite character in it?
     In Transformers Prime? STARSCREAM. In Beast Machines? It's a tie between Silverbolt, BlackArachnia, Botanica, and Rattrap. Reboot? HEXADECIMAL. Transformers Animated? Prowl, Lockdown, Skywarp, and Blurr. And Bulkhead, because he's an artist. The Barney Miller show? Barney of course! WKRP? Johnny Fever. Family Matters? Urkel! Sherlock? Sherlock. The IT Crowd? Possibly everyone in IT, along with Denholm. Jeeves and Wooster? Jeeves, and Aunt Agatha.

4. Ya got any animals or favorite animal(s)?
       I have two budgies. Favourite animals include horses, wolves, kangaroos, snakes, aaaaaaaaaaaaand a lot of others. If you also count mythical creatures.

5. Ever eatean licorice? xD If so, do you like it?
       I don't like licorice. Unless it's a raspberry licorice log with either milk chocolate or white chocolate inside.

6. Your favorite food?
      That fluctuates often, though at the moment it would definitely be either cheese sticks or salmon/tuna with rice and ketchup.

7. What are your thoughts about the fourth Transformers!Bay Movie?
      I liked number one. Number two was terrible. Number three was awesome. Especially because Optimus killed Megatron and Sentinel (who I guessed would be a traitor AGES before the movie came out, just because I was watching TFA at the time). I hope the fourth will be better.

8. What do you want Us to draw more of?
     It's not WHAT really. I just want you guys to draw more. Or upload more, if you draw more than you upload, like I do sometimes.

9. What's your favorite game?
     At the moment, it's a tie between Sonic and the Secret Rings for the Wii and Cytus for the iPod Touch.

10. How would you describe yourself with ONE word? XD
      Me. :meow:

And sorry about changing around some of the spelling, I couldn't help it. ^^;

So, my ten questions:

1. When you were a kid, did you ever watch movies that would be considered scary, and love them? For me, it was the French movie Fantastic Planet (I have to watch that again).
2. What was something you'd mispronounce or completely change the name of when you were little? For me, I would call the movie "The Black Cauldron" "The Black Children" instead.
3. Is there a show someone in your family, or just someone you know, talks about a lot, or shows you often enough so that even though you don't watch it, you wind up referencing it? For me, my sister references Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy enough that I wind up asking 'joke or concept', or (once) almost blaming something on people who do their swan legs action at the wrong times.
4. Do you find that most of your favourite TV shows are ones only you watch, and that ones that other people in your family watch with you are ones you didn't discover before they did? I have that A LOT....
5. Are you the sort of person who tries to avoid calling people you don't know (I am)?
6. Do you find, that even though you might enjoy RPing (if you do any), you get so used to RPing that it becomes hard to just write a story on your own?
7. If you were to put Ms. Frizzle and Professor Utonium in the same room, before the Powerpuff Girls were made, what do you think the Powerpuff girls would have ended up being like?
8. Do you ever find that JUST when you think you've found the perfect art program, another one with a lot of cool features pops up out of seemingly nowhere, and you find yourself NEEDING it for no apparent reason? And then wind up with a collection of art apps/programs that you go between all the time because there isn't one that combines all the best features?
9. Do you like headphones or earbuds better? Why that one?
10. If you were asked to choose between knowing the answer to every question there is to ask and your normal life, which state of mind would you choose? The all-knowing, or the one that seeks to find the answers through inquiry and experimentation?

Anyone who wishes to answer these questions may.

Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan
Idea by IvyShadow


Admirer of awesome people
Err... lessee here... I'd better do this in a list.
1. I am an aspiring author.
2. I love Digimon (the Tamers season mostly) and Sonic the Hedgehog (though Shadow the Hedgehog rules over all).
3. I enjoy a wide variety of music, from INXS to Ke$ha, from Simple Minds to Lady Gaga, from Aerosmith to Daft Punk, and so on.
4. I would like to be an illustrator, though this shall only be a dream unless I kick myself in the rear and make myself practice. Procrastination is an art that is so much easier to learn than discipline.
5. I like writing fanfiction in various categories, but mainly TMNT.
6. I enjoy a very small variety of TV Shows, including The Barney Miller Show, Teen Titans, Gargoyles, Sonic X, Digimon (mainly season 3), AoStH, Sonic SatAM, Sonic Underground, The Nanny, Dragon Booster, Jeeves and Wooster, and All Things Great and Small.
7. My favorite movie at the current moment is either Tron or Alice in Wonderland.
8. My favorite book at the moment is The End of Time by P.W. Catanese.
9. My favorite illustrator is either Brett Helquist, David Wyatt, Tony DiTerlizzi, Matt Cavotta, or whoever illustrated the cover for the Abhorsen trilogy. John Howe is also a definite favorite. :P

dA family:
Crazy sister: :icondarkmutantcat-turtle:
Partner: :iconmikathemonkey:
Sister: :iconallegra-chan:

Btw..... I do requests. :D Writing or (simple) drawings. :P So far, as long as I know the series, I'll do my best to write a oneshot for it if it's requested. XD

Invidimon for :iconsweetheartedsadist:
Tad for :iconnarusakukaka:

If, for some reason, you feel like commissioning me, here are the prices. Please send the points to the donation pool though. :)

Sketch - 3 points
:bulletblack: This one is rather self-explanatory.

Coloured sketch - 4 points
:bulletblack: So it would be really sketchy (and either red, black, or blue) with the character's colours underneath the lines.

Coloured lineart - 5 points
:bulletblack: With the lineart, just so you know, it can be either black, a darker colour for each part outlined, or I could make it blend in to the rest of the character so it looks like there were no lines.

Additional characters - 2 points per additional character
:bulletblack: Also self-explanatory.

Written - 6 points
:bulletblack: Oneshots of the commissioner's choice involving however many characters are necessary to see the idea through. :XD:

If you aren't satisfied with the results, I will redraw/rewrite the drawing/story. If it still isn't to your satisfaction, I'll return your points.

Current Residence: A personal digital world.
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Raphael, Mikey, Alphonse, Shadow, BlackWarGreymon, Beelzemon, Beast Boy, Brooklyn, Malibu, Beau, etc

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